Stainless Steel Pipe-Encyclopedia

304 and 316L stainless steel materials are the only health materials that can be implanted into human body, so for water supply pipes, stainless steel pipes are the most beneficial to health. In the immersion water test, all the indicators meet the requirements of the relevant national drinking water standards. Stainless steel pipeline has smooth inner wall, no fouling, no bacterial contamination, anti-bacterial, anti-seismic, anti-tension, high pressure and high temperature resistance, no need to worry about water quality, and can prevent secondary pollution of water.Thin wall stainless steel water supply pipe is recognized as one of the best pipes with comprehensive properties

Stainless Steel Pipe-Encyclopedia

Wide application of stainless steel pipe

304, 316 L thin-walled stainless steel water pipes and pipe fittings series products are widely used in star hotels, medical and health, fire protection, housing, water, food, beverage, schools, airports, subways, high-speed rail, industry, education, ships, industrial desalination projects, drinking water, direct drinking water, cold and hot water, gas and other system fields of large and medium-sized construction projects, and the product sales network has been widely spread It has been exported to Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, and has established partnerships with many enterprises around the world, with a very broad prospect.

Wide application of stainless steel pipe


Guangdong Jizhu Pipe Industry Group Co., Ltd.

oining Notes

Thank you for your trust and support to Guangdong Jizhu Pipe Industry Group Co., Ltd. We will work with you to create a better tomorrow on the principle of mutual benefit and cooperation. In order to safeguard the interests of both parties, realize the sustainable and healthy development of Jizhu brand, and enhance the reputation and reputation of Jizhu Group to a greater extent, please carefully read the following conditions of cooperation:

1. Agents or distributors: Jizhu Brand Agents or distributors must be legal economic entities or individual households, with physical storefronts or ports, able to operate normally, have good reputation, have certain brand management concepts and market expansion capabilities, and have real-time Internet access conditions on the storefront. Ultimately, the franchiser or agent shall be decided by Guangdong Jizhu Pipe Group Co., Ltd. on the basis of the applicant's conditions.

2. Capital Strength: Specifically, there are certain operating funds. Company agents are divided into regional agents and franchised distributors.

3. Sales Task: Having smooth sales channels, perfect market network and extensive and close interpersonal relationship, we can achieve the sales objectives with the company. Jizhu Group will set sales targets according to the region and scope of the franchise or agent.

4. Franchise Brand: Jizhu Brand

5. Franchised products: stainless steel pipes and fittings are single-jammed, single-jammed, double-jammed, double-jammed, double-jammed, double-jammed, grooved, socket, socket-jammed, ring-jammed, lock-expanded, flat-welded, pipe-jammed, valves, and other products. If there are new products, additional applications are required, and through Jizhu. After group audit, it is confirmed.

6. Business philosophy: Identify the company's business philosophy of "customer-oriented, quality-based, trust-based, sincere service, strive to create the latest, hand in hand" and be able to correctly understand, understand and support the company's development strategy and strategy, maintain a high degree of consistency in business with the company, subject to the company's market management. Do not do anything harmful to the company's brand image, do not do disorderly competition, strictly abide by the company's marketing guidelines, abide by the company's price system, do not fight for price, and do a good job of marketing promotion from the protection of the image of Jizhu brand. Strictly in accordance with the company's service requirements, to provide customers with perfect pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services, conscientiously answer and respond to every question or request of consumers, to ensure that consumers happy, satisfied and return, and maintain the image of Jizhu brand in consumers. No cross-regional sales, no sales and Jizhu brand products of the same or similar products, do not sell counterfeit and inferior "Jizhu" products. Ability to regularly provide market research and analysis reports as required by the company.

7. Confidentiality: Agents and distributors should keep company policies and data strictly confidential.

Our support

1. Sales problems: Within two years, sales can not be realized, cash recovery of all products.

2. Regional protection: Strict protection of price and regional division, strict prohibition of collusion of goods from other places, strict protection of the interests of regional distributors and regions from shocks.

3. Project filing: Implement the project filing system to ensure the success of the project development of distributors, and strive to cooperate with distributors in project bidding, and jointly complete the project development, so as to achieve win-win or even win-win strategy.

4. Return and exchange: We will provide flexible and flexible return and exchange mechanism to minimize the operational risks and pressures of agents and distributors. Specifically, please consult the marketing management department of the company.

5. Decoration design: In order to ensure the unified store image of the Great Wall, the company will design decoration or decoration plans according to the storefront or stall situation of each agent or distributor, and provide relevant guidance and answer in the process of decoration.

6. Publicity materials: Unified provision of company standard light boxes, posters, leaflets and company brochures.

7. Training: The company provides corresponding product and sales training for the storekeepers and shop assistants for the agents or affiliates, and organizes regular visits to the factory production process, so that they have a direct understanding and understanding of the products, so as to better introduce and promote the products.

8. Brand promotion: The company provides supporting product manuals and related publicity materials. At the same time, various preferential promotional activities are held from time to time. In addition, the company will continue to enhance brand awareness and influence through various media or advertising activities. Establish the brand image of Great Wall among consumers.

9. Presentation: Presentation of publicity materials of unified standards, hydraulic clothing and water bags.

Joining process

1. Application for consultation

2. Agency Audit

3. Contract Agent

4. Payment of goods

5. Site Selection

6. Shop decoration

7. Personnel Training

8. Material Distribution

9. Business guidance.

10. Shop opening

The applicant submits the application to Jizhu Group and fills in the relevant documents truthfully, accurately and in detail in accordance with the requirements of Jizhu Group. Jizhu Group has the right to decide whether to approve the application on its own.

Application process

1. Application: Applicant by telephone 0757-23333129

Or email to: for application

2. Fill in the document: Within 48 hours, the staff will confirm with you by telephone and issue the application form of entity agent to join the franchise.

3. Submitting Documents: Mail or fax the completed form and related requirements to our company

4. Joining Audit: After receiving your documents, organize relevant personnel to conduct inspection and audit.

5. Reply: Notify the audit results

We sincerely hope to join you in success! We sincerely invite you to join us.

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